I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your system for notifying your clients (patients) about renewing their C-PAP prescriptions. I’ve been using C-PAP for three years. I’ve known that I have available new masks through my insurance company, but had no idea how to initiate that renewal process. Ironically I have recently been thinking that I should take care of this, when out of the blue I received your voice mail message to contact your company. The call was well-timed, but I was skeptical, not knowing what prompted the call, and based on my experience with automated correspondence, I had low expectations for anything beneficial. Boy was I wrong! Your system worked beautifully. The questions were specific, relevant and centered on my needs, not the needs of a marketing entity to retrieve demographics. I’m impressed, and thank you for taking this task off my “to-do” list.


“Wonderful Service and Products”

I have had wonderful service and products from this company. They were very patient with me when I had various problems with my CPAP machine, and now, I have a wonderful diabetes glucose machine that not only does not need to be coded, but talks, and tells me the room temp, and the glucose results. My eye sight has gotten worse,and I appreciate that extra feature. All in all, I am highly satisfied with this company. Oh, and they handle my medicare insurance paperwork so I never have to do anything but sign my name, something I can still do, thank God.


“Over and Beyond the Call of Duty”

Yesterday, June 12th, I was in your Ann Arbor care center for the first time and asked for catheters. The lady wrote up the order. She asked me how many I wanted, and I replied that I needed a box of them. She told me the price and then asked “Do you have insurance?” I said yes, but that they didn’t pay for them. She said “If your doctor writes a prescription for them, your insurance will pay for them”. She then called my insurance company to double-check what she told me. I have been buying catheters from another supplier since 1983 and have always paid cash for them. This young lady went on to say that she would write it up and fax it to my doctor, and all he would have to do is sign it and return it to them. What a nice thing for her to do. She went over and beyond the call of duty. I received them today (June 13th). To tell you the truth, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I’d receive them Monday or Tuesday, but the NEXT day? Amazing!

Thank You, Amy. Thank You, Mr. Esper for having such a good employee.

Name withheld
Ann Arbor, MI

“Kind, Polite, Helpful, & Caring”

Notably good service experience – Kind, polite, helpful, & caring! AAAAAA++++++++ With very short notice, these people came to my rescue. Very friendly, helpful people. I love ’em! Don’t hesitate to give them a call !

Canton, MI