Why is Local Health Care Better?

Local, Independent Health Care Providers are critical for the future of home health care. While national providers & suppliers are available, they are often not the best choice. Although the prices may be cheaper, the service frequently suffers – and when it comes to your health, that matters.

Most of the time, your insurance policy will allow you to choose any home health care provider you wish, you’re not stuck with a national provider. Independent health care providers and suppliers (like Mitchell Home Medical) can offer not just the products that you need to manage your health, but also high-quality and high-value services like product support, in-home training for your health equipment, 24-hour emergency service, trained technicians, clinical technicians, registered therapists, and more.

With Mitchell Home Medical, we personally know your doctor – and we will work with your doctor to manage your health care supplies and needs. Not only will you gain access to higher-end equipment and services, but your local health care provider directly supports your community. We will keep in direct contact with you and your individual home care needs, with the goal of always keeping you and your loved ones as healthy as possible.

Since 1973, Mitchell Home Medical has provided the best care available for Home Medical Equipment, CPAP & BIPAP, Oxygen, and Urology by keeping our services local. A community-driven company that is family-owned, Mitchell Home Medical stands by a higher standard in home medical needs.

Mitchell Home Medical is the strongest home care available and provides in-person and online education services among the many outstanding programs we have available in home medical needs and service.

Compassion. Care. Always There.