CONTOUR Mattress Genie (all sizes)

The Mattress Genie®

With just the touch of a button, you can turn any mattress up to 18″ thick (excluding waterbeds) into an adjustable bed. Installation takes less than two minutes. Great for those suffering from hiatal hernia, acid reflux and colds.

Product Description

  • Also great for reading or watching television in bed.
  • Portable so you can take it on the road.
  • Hand control has illuminated buttons, making it easy to adjust even in the dark.
  • Set includes wedge-shaped air bladder, electric air pump, connector hose and remote hand control.
  • Simply slide the mattress about one third of the way toward the foot of the bed. Place the air bladder on top of the box spring and then position the mattress back on top of the air bladder and inflate to the desired height.
  • Can raise mattress 39 degrees.
  • Twin bladder measures 36″ L x 16″ H x 16″ D.
  • Full measures 50″ L x 16″ H x 16″ D.
  • Queen measures 56″ L x 16″ H x 16″ D.
  • King measures 72″ L x 16″ H x 16″ D.
  • Imported.
  • One-year warranty.
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